3 Reasons Why Project Managers Should Be on LinkedIn

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Project management is everywhere. There is no industry that is untouched by it. The same with social media. There are many project managers on Twitter (hashtage #pmot [project management on Twitter]).


LinkedIn is the business social media.

All of the Fortune 500 companies have pages there. Project management is business so why be on there? There are a lot of project managers from across the world on LinkedIn. The platform also has lots of active project management groups.

The Camaraderie of the Project Management Groups

The people are everything. They make LinkedIn. I have interacted with so many project managers on that social network. LinkedIn is the best place for professional networking because a lot of the project management associations have an active presence on there.

Learn from Other Project Managers

LinkedIn is a great learning place. I have learned so much from others on the platform. You are getting knowledge from the best project managers in the world.

These are three (of many) reasons why project managers should come on LinkedIn.


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