5 Reasons You Should Keep Going After 100 Days of Cloud

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I know that 100 Days of Cloud and many others like it (100 Days of Code, 100 Days of ML Code), are only supposed to go for 100 days. Here are 5 reasons why you should continue to do these challenges well after you cross the finish line.

More Cloud to Learn

Your respective field is not static. It is dynamic. Cloud computing has new developments all of the time. The same with coding and machine learning. Stopping after you’ve finished your challenge does a disservice to your ability to learn more about your profession.

Keep Momentum Going

Why stop now? You are just getting started. I will use myself as an example. During my first 100 days of cloud, I passed my Azure Fundamentals and Oracle Foundations Associate certifications. In these past 25 days, I passed Azure Data Fundamentals and Azure AI Fundamentals. Now I am moving 4X as fast during this second cycle as I had with the first cycle.

This occurs because you get out all of the kinks out of the system. My first 100 days were trial and error. Now that I know what I am doing and how to study to pass my exam, I am moving at a faster clip. This is all the more reason why you should not quit after 100 days.


Expand Your Network

By day 100 you would have met so many people, accumulated so many resources and learned so much that you do not want to stop. You have invested over 3 months towards this challenge. Without the 100 Days of Cloud, I have never met some awesome people and have attended some events. Don’t let your network suffer by stopping.

Become a Better Cloud Professional

As with anything, practice makes perfect. I am a much better cloud professional on day 100 than day 1. It is the same with you. Right now I am on my second leg of 100 days of cloud and I am now receiving specific requisitions (job listings) from recruiters. They are seeing my work on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and are customizing their search.

I know that the recruiters customize their searches to accommodate me because 2 months into the challenge, I receive a PMP/AWS job email (For the record, I am a Project Management Professional [PMP]. I don’t bring that up to my 100 Days of Cloud community).

Build Your Personal Brand

The definition of your personal brand is ‘what people say in the room about you when you aren’t around’. Apply the same definition towards your personal brand for this challenge. Over the course of 100 days, you have publicly put yourself out there. You’ve shared your wins, losses and learning experiences. People have to come rely on your updates. Why squander all of the good stuff people say about you just because your 100 day challenge is over?

It does not have to be this way. So continue on beyond your first 100 days and keep building (and now leveraging) your personal brand towards even greater success.



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