Adventures in Workforce Development : Part V : Paperwork Is Important

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I awoke at 2am and immediately started researching the O*Net (US Department of Labor occupational categories) database and banging out the individual plan for employment(IPE). I needed two for the two new certification programs that I wanted to take. In addition, I needed to type two more justification because OMJCC would only support one.

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I never test people’s intelligence. I know that I have been discussing this via email and had the training meeting. However, these are with the training provider. OMJCC still needed the two IPEs and training justifications. Furthermore, I always wanted to make it easier for my employment specialist to lobby on my behalf. Sending him all of these documents makes it a no-brainer.

I have learned a whole lot from surfing O*Net. I’ve learned that computer systems is a bright outlook. Furthermore, my research skills are on point because two of the three occupations I have searched had the corresponding certification on the American Job Center’s certification first page. These certifications are also in-demand. Moveover, I have learned that AJC has its own job search so I will apply for jobs there too in addition to OMJCC. More opportunities for me!

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