Achieves 1.2 Million Alexa Global Rank!

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Readers are propelling to the Alexa 1.2 million global rank. I am inching even closer to 1.1 million and the Majestic Million, the top 1 million websites. Check out for the best in social media, personal branding and project management.


Reasons for the Surge

  • Increased focus on project management – readers want to be sure that the material that they are consume comes from an authority. As a Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and ITIL licensed professional, people view me as an expert in project management.
  • Blog consistency – I have regularly blogged on Readers know that they will get new content.
  • Video – Most of my articles have videos. People consume content differently. Also video is the biggest converter.


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