The Easy Way to Use Continual Service Improvement at Work

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Every one is stressing continuous improvement. Nothing is ever good enough. You cannot just say it’s working for me and my company. If you aren’t improving, your competitors are. The company graveyard are littered with companies who stayed stagnant (Hello, Circuit City and Montgomery Ward?!). The problem with continual service improvement is that people think that it is so hard. Well, it isn’t. Below I explain how to use continual service important at work to many your life easier.

Simply put, continual service improvement focuses on service improvement that supports business processes. CSI is the final stage of the ITSM (IT service management) lifecycle. In service management, there are 7-steps to continual service improvement. Here they are below:

Continual Service Improvement : 7-steps

  1. Define what you should measure
  2. State what you will measure
  3. Collect the data
  4. Process the data
  5. Analyze the data and information
  6. Present and use the information
  7. Implement corrective action

Instead of fearing CSI because you think that it is tedious, let me use an example.


Everyone has had to download software service patch updates. From mobile apps to MS Office, we have all experienced it. I’m using this software patch update to apply CSI to make it easy. For each step, I give you an example at to how to follow that step.

Continual Service Improvement : 7-steps

  1. Define what you should measure – software service patch updates across your organization
  2. State what you will measure – measuring the key performance indicator (KPI) of impact
  3. Collect the data – collect data as the patch is rolled out department by department
  4. Process the data – process the data collection by storing it in a database for analysis.
  5. Analyze the data and information – analyze the patch update’s impact per division and collectively
  6. Present and use the information – present it to management and use it to make improvements with each new division’s patch rollout
  7. Implement corrective action – implement any improvements so that the next patch’s rollout increases the organization’s impact.

See how easy that is? CSI is not scary when using an example. You can insert your own work project example.

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