Morning Magnet : Christmas with Carla

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In this Issue:

  • Sign Up for the Black Friday List
  • PMM Live Season 1 Will Go to The Vault This Week
  • Social Media Reports : LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Sign up for Carla’s Correspondence

I am delighted by the number of Black Friday sign-ups that I have received my first week. You don’t understand how much these mean to me because I am very busy at work delivering the absolute best products and services out there. Last year’s Christmas with Carla was epic. This year’s is going to be better than ever! TRUST ME! The only way to get all of the Christmas goodies before everyone else is to sign up for the Black Friday List here:

Programming Note: PMM Live Season 1 Removed After This Week

After 24 value-packed episodes, season 1 of Project Management Mondays Live (PMM Live) will be retired this week. They are going to the vault. You could see them in my store which is why you should take time this week and watch all of the episodes here:

Social Media Report : LinkedIn

I have reached 950 LinkedIn followers! I attribute this to videos and passing 200 LinkedIn Pulse articles. I am already focused on getting 1000 followers through video and better content. I am looking forward towards I am using video and LinkedIn Pulse articles to cross that finish line. As always, keep it her at Morning Magnet for all of the Carla R Jenkins social media news!

Follow me here:

Social Media Report : Pinterest

I have reached 2000 Pinterest followers and 1100 Project Management Pinterest board followers! I am very happy to see Pinterest significant growth. Original content is the main driver for this growth. Join me on Pinterest here:

Join me on my Project Management Pinterest here:

Like content? Sign up to Carla’s Correspondence:

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