Morning Magnet: February Forward Momentum

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February has been a game changing month for me. I have had a tech speaking opportunity, multinational companies are starting to take notice of me and my social media and email newsletters are going through the roof!


Teach Speaking Opportunity

This past February 9th, I served as NexGenT’s Meet The Rockstar Engineer. I spoke about how my PMP helped me navigate the IT terrain. Also I discussed my being a techie, ITIL and cloud certifications.

I am still open to speaking at IT, cloud and project management events. Check out my speaker page at

Multinational Companies Are Starting To Take Notice

Many multinational companies are scheduling me for interviews. It helps to have the cloud certifications and experience. Plus I have laid the foundation by networking through virtual career fairs.

I have mentioned on since 2019 that multi-cloud (knowing more than one cloud computing platform) would be a huge competitive advantage. And now everything is coming to fruition.

If you need help managing your AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructure, get in touch with me at

Social Media Taking Off

I have brought back Projectized project management show. I have specifically done the show via Instagram Live then saved it on Instagram TV. I have been an early IGTV adopter creating my channel in 2018 and loading content starting 2019. Now two years later, I have a steady IGTV following that watches my IT, cloud and project management content.

Remember, Projectized airs Mondays through Fridays 5:30pm EST on Periscope Instagram Live and YouTube Live

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Twitter: Receiving Over 1950 Twitter Followers and High Video Views

I have received over 1950 Twitter Followers. Furthermore, regarding #100DaysofCloud, I am getting high engagement rates and shares. I am currently on Day 231 of #100DaysofCloud. This week I will release my Microsoft Azure AI-102 AI Engineer beta exam video since this exam will debut February 23rd.

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Email Newsletter Open Rates Skyrocket               

Even though I have a small list, I am very happy to provide high quality content that my subscribers would open my emails. With PM.Project, I have achieved a 60% open rate on how to get promoted as a project manager. You can subscribe at PM.Project

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