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I am two days away from my birthday (#LeoSeason) and I am taking stock in all of my accomplishments. I am amazed that I have my site is at the 6 million rank. All I want to do is educate and inform people about me and my brand. I am grateful for all of the love. I have received additional insight. The site is called I have learned that is pulling over 1000 pageviews per month. Now I do check my Google Analytics. It is the reason by my creating this Morning Magnet series. I am keenly aware that every day someone is on my site and I get consistent readership; but I have never paid attention to the pageviews statistics until running into this site. Receiving this great news makes me happy that not only am I generating great content but people are reading and responding to it.

I have received an email from someone on LinkedIn telling me how intrigued she is about how I use my site to promote myself. I have told her that my site is my real estate. It is the one thing that I can control. Moreover, I love communicating, sharing and exchanging ideas with people. My one writing goal is to NEVER produce any fluff! I only produce high-quality, actionable content. This one rule has gotten me two Amazon bestselling books. It has served me very well.

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Making Progress with PMM Live

This week marks the 13th week of consistently broadcasting Project Management Mondays Live (PMM Live). I am being rewarded for my consistency with steady viewership. Let me tell you two stories that happened last week. First, my broadcast last week drew more viewers than another YouTube Live that I avidly watched. When the cohosts didn’t have a guest on, its views were lower than mine. That spoke with my being able to carry a show myself. Second, I received a LinkedIn connection from someone at PMI. Project Management Institute (PMI) was the governing body for my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Receiving that LinkedIn connection magnified that my peers were watching PMM Live because I discussed the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) changes for the past 2-3 weeks. I will be doing so again today.

This week’s episode focuses on PMBOK’s decision to rename several of its control processes monitoring. I will discuss why PMBOK is focusing more on the monitoring part of the monitoring and controlling domain. You can watch me live today at 6pm EST here:


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