Newsletter : Issue 9 : Keeping The Momentum Going

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Carla’s Corner – Increasing my Livestreaming Activity and Becoming More Flexible

I have been using Periscope more recently. I have watched some online webinars and seen that I have had more to say. I have removed my previous rule of broadcasting on at 5:30pm EST. Instead I broadcast when I have something to say. That new personal change has freed me up to say so much more. My multiple topics (eBay, blogging, LinkedIn ProFinder, Project Management Minute podcast) no longer compete. I have also been rewarded with more hearts from viewers because I have increased my frequency. There is no more rigidity. Sometimes you have to be flexible. If I have 4 things to promote, I cannot constrict myself towards only 1 broadcast. Flexibility is very important because increasing my Periscope livestreaming activity has increased my bottom line in my receiving my LinkedIn ProFinder proposals.

It is essential not to be too married to one particular way especially when you see that it is not work. That is why it is important to be flexible.

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Welcome back!

I have been productive this past month shooting my LinkedIn ProFinder video marketing campaign. I have shot at least one video per week, converting it to YouTube then loading it into HootSuite to reshare across social media. Using this video marketing strategy has net me no less than 6 proposals. That is one per week. Most recently, I have stepped up my promotion by running Instagram-only boosted ad campaign. If you have an Instagram for business account, you can click on promote post and convert it into an ad. I have kept 2 LinkedIn ProFinder videos ads running concurrently. I do feel that the Instagram-only ads have resulted in my receiving 2 new LinkedIn Profinder proposals, 1 of which was read. Furthermore, I would like to shot out Sharvette Mitchell who has advised me on which products should be boosted. You can find her at

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I Have Hit 950 Pinterest Followers!

I am very happy to announce that I have reached 950 Pinterest followers! This is a great milestone especially since I originally created a Pinterest account to like pretty photos. Unlike some of my business social media accounts, my Pinterest account is personal. My growth is attributed to the creation of my Project Management board and reconfiguring my blog boards to the top of my Pinterest account. My goal is to get 1000 followers by the end of this month.

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Project Management Minute Podcast

People are very receptive to my new Project Management Minute podcast. I have been increasing my Soundcloud platform activity with uploading my podcast every Monday and Thursday. I truly want to help the busy professional learn real project management. The podcast has been positively received via social media with several business accounts retweeting it. I am just happy to communicate and exchange ideas with people.

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Relaunching my Top 40 Project Management Terms Course

I have decided to relaunch my top 40 Project Management Terms Course. I may deconstruct it into a weekly webinar. I have not decided but I will increase its promotion on all of my social media channels and curate more original videos that I will put on YouTube.

Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month)

I love this competition! I have been participating in it for a very long time. I won (writing over 50,000 words) last year and aim to reclaim my title! I will whittle down what I will write, draft my outline and get ready to win this November!

T-Shirt Line on eBay

I have been selling on eBay for four months and I have been taking fashion and sewing classes for the past three years. I have always loved fashion and want to create something that I know would bring positivity into this world. I will start working on drafting my designs by the end of this month. I will keep you posted on this endeavor.

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