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OMG! I have received one of the most shocking (and pleasant surprise) this past Friday morning: a two-time Olympian emails me on LinkedIn requesting to read my How the Olympics Use Project Management. I am flabbergasted that someone who has participated in the Olympics wants to read my stuff! You can read my 2016 article here

Now I have been saying for the longest that video is the highest-converting medium because it is: however, DO NOT underestimate the power of the written word. This experience is why I continue to blog on www.carlarjenkins.com . People still want to read content.

Second, this whole situation sets off a positive chain of events. I find the Medium article (because my PM.Expert project management blog is now defunct) and learn that I have 500 Medium followers! I am completely blown away because last month I was at 407. I have been on Medium since 2016 and with this site being one of the top blogging sites, I am happy that so many new people have joined my community!

Third, after adding LinkedIn Pulse to my Google article search, I learn that someone has cited my article in a 2018 project management research report. I mean how cool is that?! I am honored that someone thinks so highly of my work that they would cite in a formal research paper. Here’s the 2016 LinkedIn article

I just want to share my experience with you to encourage you to either get started or keep going. There is more than enough room for everyone.

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