How Periscope Has Changed Me in One Year

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Today is Periscope’s one-year birthday. Although I haven’t scoped a lot, the medium has changed me personally and professionally. Personally, it has made me a better public speaker. I am a very analytical person so I let my research findings speak for me. In my field, I write a one-page abstract, speak that then push the results in the paper. Graphs and data communicate for me. However, with Periscope, I am forced to speak in front of a camera. This platform has helped me become a better speaker. I have gotten onto Periscope before starting my online radio show. Furthermore, I have used Periscope to promote my online radio show 15-30 minutes before it airs. I will admit that the one thing that has slowed down my frequency is paralysis of analysis. Having watched a whole lot of mindless scopes, I don’t want to put out stupidity so it could be weeks in between scopes.

Professionally, it has made me an authority when it comes to project management. It is one thing to say that you have a PMP (Project Management Professional). It is quite another when you can actually break down and convey the complex situations into manageable solutions. In several scopes, I have discussed my project management knowledge and highlighted my PM.Expert blog. Periscope shoots out your messages for free. I intend on using Periscope to build my business (especially since I have a new book coming out. It has been copyrighted.).

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