Seeing Around Corners Saves Careers!

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Seeing around corners is a phrase that means that you can see things before they appear. This is a very important trait to have especially with the rampant business change. Let me use this decade for example. In 2010, there was no Instagram, Tesla, chatbots, text mobile banking, or augmented reality. All of these developments have come in just the past 7 years! And there are still 2 ½ more years to go before 2020. Who knows how many more devices and developments we will have. That’s why seeing around corners is so important towards managing your career. Those who see beyond the horizon can prepare for what’s up ahead.

True story: During a time when receiving a BA was still a career changer, I decided to get my MBA to separate me apart from the competition. The same with earning my first project management certification. I understood that certification was an impartial process. In a very litigious society, earning certification sent a message to human resources that 1) this person has achieved a certain level of knowledge graded by an impartial governing body and 2) that this person has invested outside of work into his career. I received my promotion to another agency by seeing around that corner. My second project management certification helped me land a private sector position.

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