Top 5 DC 2018 Year End Review

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Happy New Year! Even though I am now in my hometown Cleveland, I started this year off of DuPont Circle in Washington, DC. The first 8 months have been big in ITIL and project management accomplishments.



Here they are below (in chronological order)

  1. ITIL Invensis Learning paid webinar – January 2018 – I have started off Invensis Learning ITIL series with my 7 Steps of Continual Service Improvement
  2. Winning the DOES Hard Work and Dedication Award – May 2018 – On May 9, 2018, I received the DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) Hard Work and Dedication Award. I am amazed because my training office has recommended me for the shortlist.
  3. Celebrating 1-Year ITIL Certification Anniversary – June 2018 – I received my ITIL certification June 25, 2017. This certification enabled me to get the Invensis Learning paid webinar and the DOES Hard Work and Dedication Award since I used its training voucher.
  4. Celebrating My 5-Year PMP Certification Anniversary – June 2018 – Receiving my PMP has changed my career trajectory. There is a strong delineation between my career prospects between pre-PMP and post-PMP. I am able to get more interviews, bounce back quicker and serve as a mentor
  5. is Alexa Internet US-Ranked website – July 2018 – As an American business blogger, I am happy that Alexa Internet has ranked my site in the US . In 2017, was ranked in Australia; which was pretty cool but there is nothing better than being ranked in your home country.

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