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Happy May everyone! First, I would like to thank everyone for getting me over 500,000 Periscope hearts this May! I greatly appreciate each and every single on of you. Furthermore, I would also thank my Perigirls and Heart Tribes for their love, support and community!


This month my foci is on Projectized, lifestyle and business. I broadcast Projectized, my project management show, every Monday through Friday at 5:30pm EST. I will expand upon my personal branding and social media. These are my two other niches.

Follow me on Periscope to never miss out on anything! www.periscope.tv/carlarjenkins


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  1. Antionette

    Congratulations and to be honest with you, I didn’t think Periscope was still being used – thank you for this post and for sharing at the #TrafficJamWeekend Linky Party

    • carlarjenkins

      Yes, Periscope (Twitter Live) is very much alive. I am also a member of the Perigirls and HeartTribes. My Projectized project management show is doing well on Periscope. Thanks for commenting.

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