12 Things I Learned During My First Year on eBay

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Last month I celebrated one year selling on eBay. I have made over 70 items sold, $7000 in sales and (my proudest stat) receiving 37 gold star and 97.1% positive customer feedback! eBay has been a learning experience and here I am sharing the 12 things I learned during my first year on eBay. Shop my eBay store: http://www.ebay.com/usr/carljenkin_6


I can successfully sell online

I am selling physical products which differ from the digital products that I am selling in my personal store. eBay affords me the opportunity to sell items that I haven’t worn in over 1 year.


Customer service is indispensable

You must rapidly respond to your customers. As a luxury consignment reseller, I ship only one way: domestic and global USPS priority mail. This increases my positive feedback rating because my customers are receiving their packages faster than average. Shipping is distribution. The way your customer gets your product is a form of customer service. Always remember this.


Welcome people inboxing me

People emailing you is one of the best opportunity to convert that person into a paying customer. You should be honored that someone is taking time out of his day to contact me about an item. On Periscope , I often mention that the audience can inbox me and I love answering questions.


Create a weekly sales goal every time I relist new items to boost my accountability

eBay is a business! I have to remember to create a weekly sales goal that I will make. Whenever I did this, I made money. When I didn’t, I didn’t make any money. Creating this weekly goal every time I list a new item, enables me to make over $7000.


Sending thank you cards has distinguished me from my competitors

I express daily gratitude. That’s just who I am. Sending my thank you cards are in my nature. Little did I know that sending these cards branded me. Most sellers ship the item and that’s it. My including a thank you card with every purchase distinguishes me from all of the other luxury consignment resellers.


Listen to the market by using eBay’s recent sold function

The recent sold function tells me which items actually sold for. This is the market rate and most likely the price that you should price your item.



Keep meticulous records in case of fraud

Yes, unfortunately fraud and scammers are on eBay. I have had a situation when a person who returned something (I made the mistake), purchased three pairs of shoes from me. She tried scamming me but I sent eBay the PayPal echeck that cleared proving she received the refund.

I had a NRAU (not a registered user). These two individuals opened up eBay accounts, placed a $500 order , cancelled their accounts then two weeks later placed a charge on my account. Immediately I called eBay customer service about how to handle this. I won the case but these two examples showed the importance of keeping meticulous records.


Call eBay customer service when you don’t understand something.

You are not the expert especially when you are a newbie. eBay customer service helps me a lot during my first year; and, beyond.


Check your inventory for sizing and details to avoid mislabeling.

Not checking my inventory, has cost me two returns. It is also saved me from three more refunds because I’ve seen that this particular brand runs large. I have to denote this in my listings’ titles.


PayPal rewards same day shipping

Initially PayPal held my funds for 21 days, then 10 days, then 7 days, then 3 days then four months into selling I received instant paypal. What to know how? I shipped same day that I received the order. PayPal rewarded my action. Same day shipping also increased my positive customer feedback rating because my customers loved receiving their items ASAP!


Livestream boosts my sales.

Livestream was the reason why I sold over $7000 in one year! I got on Periscope every time I listed a new item and an item sold. I updated my inventory and told my audience what was new in the store. Once I was done, I shared my Periscope broadcast with the Twitter re-share accounts. Every time I broadcast during the evening, when I awoke I received either an email or a PayPal notification. Livestreaming let your potential customers see all of your merchandise. This tool set me apart from everyone else who went about promoting their stuff the traditional way. Follow me on Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/carlarjenkins


Share your journey.

I started blogging eBay Adventure series on my Blogger. I told everyone on Instagram and social media about each transaction. People loved it; but, blogging was a marketing tool. People knew that eBay Adventure was coming out.


Shop my eBay store for the best in tall women’s luxury resale! http://www.ebay.com/usr/carljenkin_6



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2 Responses

  1. Julie S Pit Stop Crew

    Livestreaming has changed the way my Business happens and I love it as well. I have no clue what People who dont do it think they are avoiding. Livestream is Your own FREE TV Channel 🙂 Thanks for sharing at the Pit stop 🙂

    Pit Stop Crew

    • carlarjenkins

      IKR? This month marks my 2-year Periscope anniversary. I have a thing for livestream because I love to communicate. People should get over the alleged sound of their voice or how they look on camera because livestream grows your business’ bottom line. It has helped me make so much money.