The Easy Way to Use Continual Service Improvement at Work

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  Every one is stressing continuous improvement. Nothing is ever good enough. You cannot just say it’s working for me and my company. If you aren’t improving, your competitors are. The company graveyard are littered with companies who stayed stagnant … Continued

What’s New for Me on LinkedIn for 2018

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Happy New Year everyone! 2018 will offer new professional opportunities which is why I have updated my LinkedIn profile. I am accepting full-time work and networking opportunities. My profile changes highlight my new and increased skills and capabilities to help … Continued 2017 Year in Review

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Happy New Year everyone! I had a very big 2017 with My average session duration is double the 2-minute industry average. I have also had over 12,000 visitors averaging 1,000 monthly visitors. These metrics are the reasons why brands … Continued

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