Week Ahead: SAFe Scrum Master

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  I am starting off Memorial Day and this week with a BANG! – I am officially SAFe Scrum Master! I have passed my retake exam today. It is a great way to end this month. This is my third … Continued

I Passed My SAFE 5.0 Scrum Master Certification Exam!

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  Hey everybody! I passed my SAFE 5.0 Scrum Master certification exam retake on Memorial Day! I was so happy that this was over because it was a much harder retake exam than I expected. These are the resources that … Continued

Week In Review: Tipping The Scales

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  I have made it to Friday! No amount of tech mishaps and certification stumbles along the way will stop me from getting out this all-new Week in Review! New Scaled Agile YouTube Playlist I have just created an all-new … Continued

Week In Review: Opportunities Abound

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This has been a whirlwind week! I am been in go mode ever since receiving that email that I’ve been accepted into the AWS Community Builders Program! Here’s how everything has panned out below. Finalized AWS Community Builders Enrollment NDA … Continued

Received 175 Monthly YouTube Shorts Video Views

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  My YouTube story just keeps getting better. Today I learn that I’ve received 175 monthly YouTube shorts video views! This is a very big announcement because I have 539 subscribers. I have devoted towards producing shorts.   For those … Continued

Midweek Review: So Much Awesomeness

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  Hey there everybody! I am making my way through being accepted into the AWS Community Builders Program. I am honored to be selected amongst all of these applications. AWS Community Builder All of the paperwork is signed and I … Continued

Thank You For 2000 Twitter Followers

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  Hey everybody! I have finally received 2000 Twitter followers! I have been on Twitter for 13 years and this is my favorite social medium. Receiving this honor after getting accepted into AWS Community Builders Program matters because I have been … Continued

Morning Magnet: AWS Community Builder

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  It’s official: I am an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Community Builders Program! I have received the congratulatory email! I am also in the machine learning track. This program acceptance means so much to me because I have been steadily … Continued

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