Week In Review : Getting My Just Due

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I am still reveling over so many people reading my LinkedIn Pulse articles. I truly appreciate each and every single one of you. Also don’t forget to join me next Saturday, November 6, 2021 for my PyLadies Tunis machine learning … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : Community Help

  Yes! I am receiving community help directly from AWS Community Builders. Last week I told you about landing the November 6, 2021 PyLadies Tunis AWS machine learning talk. (You can still register by clicking this link!) I have reached … Continued

Midweek Review : Accolades

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Very happy to receive great comments from LinkedIn Pulse readers. I always uuse the Internet towards helping others obtain certifications that can change their professional lives. Receiving Accolades From My LinkedIn Pulse Writing I’ve been receiving accolades from many people … Continued

Day 475 Of 100 Days Of Cloud : Passed My AZ-700 Exam

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  Hey everybody! I am ¾ of the way through my 5th 100 Days of Cloud cycle! These past 25 days have been one of the biggest surprises and levels of stress because I received my AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer … Continued

Midweek Review : LinkedIn Loyalty

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My LinkedIn has been booming since I passed my Azure Network Engineer Associate on October 7, 2021! I would love to thank my LinkedIn Family for all of their support. You can connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking here … Continued

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