My Journey In Social Media Marketing And Marketing Technology

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If you’ve been following me you’ve known that I reenrolled in Cuyahoga Community College online courses this summer. Right now I have just finished social media marketing where I believe that I have received an A. This class combined with … Continued

GCP Cloud Digital Leader Exam Tips + Experience

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I passed my GCP Cloud Digital Leader October 27, 2022. In this post I will talk about my exam experience and tips to help you with this exam. Exam Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Digital Leader is a much more … Continued

October 2022 Certification List Update

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There has been a lot of positive momentum happening this October! Yesterday I passed my GCP Cloud Digital Leader! It was my first GCP certification. This certification was on my original 2022 certification list.   In addition to GCP and … Continued

Passed My GCP Cloud Digital Leader Exam!

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  I have passed my Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Digital Leader certification exam tonight! This is my first GCP certification. I am currently a member of the GCP Jumpstart program participant Here are the resources that I have used … Continued

Passed My Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification

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I am back at it again! Today I’ve passed my Hootsuite Social Media Marketing certification.. This is my second Hootsuite and third social media certification. I am very happy to have received this opportunity to gain more social media certifications. … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : Secure The Bag

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    Happy Friday everybody! I am making my way through October and the AWS Certified Specialty Challenge. This early morning with less than 20 minutes remaining in the Udemy sale, I purchased an AWS Security specialty e-course to pass … Continued

Twenty-Third Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Professional Development

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I know it’s been a while everyone but this GCP series is BACK! This past Monday I had my mentoring session. We talked about Google Cloud Next conference which happened last week. In my summary email to her, I discussed … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : This Is My Specialty

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  Okay everybody! Yesterday I received my 50% discounted AWS specialty certification voucher in my email. I am letting all of you know because the AWS Certified Specialty Challenge is still ongoing until December 16, 2022. The 6 AWS specialty … Continued

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