3 Lessons Learned from My Passing My AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

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Last week Tuesday, I passed my AWS Cloud Practitioner certification. Now I am back with the 3 lessons learned from this experience in hopes of helping those who are currently pursuing their cloud certifications.


AWS Certification Quantifies My Cloud Computing Experience

Being AWS certified is a problem solver and answers questions. Although I have the cloud computing experience from training and working at a helpdesk, I no longer have to explain this experience as much. Certification quantified my experience. Recruiters know what to expect. This makes the interviewing and hiring process easier for me.

Creative Destruction or How All Of My Old Content Becomes Obsolete

You have heard this right. Once you’re certified, everything else that you’ve done is considered obsolete. All of my previous cloud videos are obsolete because now I am AWS certified. This means creating new content and video highlighting my newly acquired certification.

Not that I mind because I love communicating and engaging with my audience through video. I get to learn from shares and comments. Speaking of which, check out my website , LinkedIn and YouTube  for all of the new cloud-based content.


My Professional Network Has Expanded

My AWS certification has opened the doors towards meeting and learning from other AWS certified professionals. I have received and accepted many LinkedIn connection requests from other cloud certified professionals. As someone who is still pursuing her Solutions Architect Associate (SAA) at the time of this publication, I am grateful to learn from AWS experts on how to become a better solutions architect.

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