3 Lessons Learned From Passing My Azure Administrator Exam

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I passed my AZ-104 Azure Administrator exam this past April 7th. Here were my 3 lessons learned to help you along the way.

Associate Level Is Way Different Than Fundamentals Level

When I was took my AZ-104 exam, I failed. This made me realize that the associate level was much harder than the fundamentals level. The associate was more than vocabulary memorization. You had to know what was going on with the services and cloud protocols.


Be Prepared For Azure Certification Changes

Microsoft changes its exams every 2-3 months. As someone who started in AWS, that could be a hag. I started studying for the AZ-104 in December but did not pass it until April. Microsoft changed the exam at least twice. If you are pursuing a Microsoft certification, finish up in 2 months else you may have a different exam.

Doing Labs Is Everything

I already was using Microsoft Learn labs since learning about them after passing my AZ-900. However, when it came to my AZ-104, I did as many as I could. I completed the Microsoft Ignite Azure Administrator Cloud Skills Challenge to prepare myself for this retake. Hands on experience was required because you were working towards becoming a cloud administrator.

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