3 Reasons Why You Should Copyright Your Material

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You are writer, author, or blogger. You have been consistently pumping out content. Have you ever thought about copyrighting your material? Yes, I know that you have your own blog. I have my own blog too; however, I have copyright my material. Here are my three reasons why you should too.



Protect Your Work

Your writing is intellectual property worth protecting. I copyrighted my Expand Your Personal Brand material last year. This move serves me well. When I uploaded my book draft onto Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), I received an alert saying that Amazon found some of my material on the Internet. When you are converting your blog posts into a book, that was bound to happen. Copyrighting my book draft allowed KDP to approve my book.

You aren’t just a writer, author or blogger. You are a content creator. Copyrighting your material protects your work from online thieves.

Monetize Your Work

Copyrighting gives you exclusive reproductive rights. You and only you can reproduce your material. Only I can use my Expand Your Personal Brand material. When you are a content creator, you know how hard it is to get paid for your work. Copyrighting increases your monetization strategy.

Franchise Your Work

Franchise you say? Yes, like McDonalds and Burger King. Initially, I started off with the book. However, with the copyright protection, I expanded into a workbook and combined my book and workbook into a bundle. With copyright protection, you can franchise your knowledge into different products and services. Since no one else can use it except for you, you are the only one who can receive the profit from these new income streams.

Copyrighting is the great way to protect, monetize and franchise your work. Check out these three reasons and see if you should incorporate this into your business.

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