3 Reasons To Pass The Certified In Cybersecurity Before The CISSP

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There are some people who are new to ISC2 and are studying to pass their CISSP exam. I am here to say that you should take the Certified in Cybersecurity exam first. Here are my 3 reasons why.


ISC2 Is Offering FREE Certified in Cybersecurity Voucher + Retake

Right now until December 3, 2022, ISC2 is offering its free One Million certified in Cybersecurity promotion. You would become an ISC2 candidate and receive a free Certified in Cybersecurity exam voucher with a retake. The CISSP fee is $899!




You’ll Learn More About the ISC2 Exam Process

If you are new to the ISC2 then there may be a learning curve towards its exams. ISC2 mandates that you go to a physical testing center and once you answer an exam question you cannot return back for review. As someone who has passed several AWS, Azure and GCP cloud certifications via online proctoring, I know that these two ISC2 requirements take some adjusting. Better ‘adjust’ for free versus $899.

You’ll Become An ISC2 Candidate And Learn About The Organization

Becoming an ISC2 candidate lets you get familiar with the organization such as the by-laws and Code of Ethics. That is something you’ll need especially studying the CISSP. The Certified in Cybersecurity promotion gives you ISC2 candidacy for free. When you passed your Certified in Cybersecurity exam, you’ll agree to the Code of Ethics and then pay the $50 annual maintenance fee to become an ISC2 member.

P.S. – Check Out my ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity Exam Tips + Experience article to get an inside look at the entire process.



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