3 Reasons Why Getting to 100 Carla’s Correspondence Is a Big Deal!

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There is a such thing as FOMO – Fear of missing out – this event is one of those things that you MUST jump on! It is…. (drumroll please!)



The 100TH Issue of Carla’s Correspondence!

The newsletter that I started nearly 3 years ago just to communicate with my audience is hitting the BIG HUNDO! I cannot believe it!

Here is my first newsletter dated May 30, 2016 https://ckarchive.com/b/d0ueh0hqwmp. I had all of 14 subscribers on my list (I have way more than that now!). All I wanted to do was to sell my book, Expand Your Personal Brand, and communicate on my end of the universe. Now that I am at 100, it seems like a wild journey through ups and downs yet Carla’s Correspondence still came out.

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You Don’t Want to Miss This One!


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