3 Reasons Why I Love Periscope

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Here Are My 3 Reasons Why I Love Periscope


Periscope has been my jam for a very long time! Ever since July 2015, I have been on it. Many people overlook it because of Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube Live but Periscope keeps chugging along!

Here are my 3 reasons why I love Periscope

Lead Generation – People care more about your hashtags than whether or not they follow you. You have to know the person or follow the page to get a Facebook Live video. I have had people subscribe to my PM.Project newsletter by clicking the link in my Projectized project management show livestream.


It Improves My Public Speaking Skills

I am an analytical person who normally communicates through research reports. Periscope has forced me to get out in front of a camera and actually speak to my audience. Initially it was struggle but over time, I have gotten used to it.

Periscope Helps Me Earn Money

Going back to hashtags in #1. People don’t care if they follow you. They are looking at your hashtags to see if they are interested in your broadcast. I ran a luxury consignment eBay store for 18 months and made over $7500 broadcasting on Periscope. I broadcast on 7:30pm EST and the next day I would get a sale because people who watch my broadcast and buy.

Follow me on Periscope at www.periscope.tv/carlarjenkins


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