3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Loves My Results-Oriented Content

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I Have Had 3 Articles Reach Over 200+ Pageviews

LinkedIn is the business social media where deals get exchanged. People come onto the platform expecting do do business, connect with business minded individuals. As a business blogger, LinkedIn is huge for generating site traffic and business connections. I particularly focus on video and LinkedIn Pulse where I have written over 300 articles showcasing my talents. Below are my 3 Reasons why LinkedIn loves my actionable results-oriented content.


It is easy to follow

None of my articles have more than 7 steps. Look, I totally get it: we all have a laundry list of items. The LAST thing you need is to read another laundry list of things on how to become better at X.

It is applicable

You can apply my writing and get a win. No delayed gratification here. Apply the 3-7 steps and boom you have a different result. LinkedIn is all about business; and, business is all about results!

It is coming from a genuine place

People can spot fakes! Everything that I have ever written about has come from experience. Believe from certification to personal branding to seeking for help, I have been through it all. The reader recognizes this and respects it by reading my material.

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