3 Reasons Why My Livestream Video Got Over 100 Views

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Facebook and Instagram are down (along with SnapChat and WhatsApp, which Facebook owns). These four social media have over 4 billion followers. Yet in the midst of that I still manage to score over 100 views from ONE livestream video!

Here is the proof:

Here are the 3 reasons:

It is timely/current event.

People are constantly looking for current news. Facebook and Instagram being down at the same time for hours on end is big time. Being able to be flexible in the moment yields big views.

Helpful content that delivers value

Okay once you get them in the room how do you keep them? Real content. I discuss the 5 reasons why email and website still matter. Most viewers probably only have social media accounts. My livestream is giving them food for thought and other ways to not solely rely on social media.


People only watch who they know, like and trust. Being consistent accelerates these three key factors. I have returned on Periscope in December 2018 and have been consistent for over 4 months. People know where to find me, what time I come on (my Projectized project management show airs Mondays through Fridays 5:30pm EST on Periscope with replays on YouTube and IGTV.). They trust the information that I discuss and they like my content. All of these three things are built upon the foundation of consistency.

These are the 3 reasons why my livestream video got over 100 views. Make these principles work for you.

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