3 Reasons Why Work Quality Matters

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Quality over quantity is an old adage that’s still applicable in the 21st century. There is a big different in shopping for clothes at Wal-Mart versus Neiman Marcus. The same with grocery stores. Shopping at Aldi’s is different than Whole Foods. You must apply that same adage to your work. The quality of your work is a key determinant in your success or failure. I wish you much success.

Here are the three reasons why work quality matters.

Quality is your signature

Look at your work quality as your fingerprint. It is unique to you. Not even twins have the same fingerprint. Making quality your work signature separates you from everyone else. In business, it is also called competitive advantage. Your competitive advantage is something that you do better than anyone else. That’s why it is imperative that you make good work quality your signature.

Lack of Quality Can Cost You (A Lot)

If you feel that your work quality doesn’t matter, then you won’t be employed long. Subpar work quality doesn’t justify to your boss or your company that they should keep you around. Companies are all about performance and the bottom line. Bad work quality destroys the bottom line because companies will have to shell out money for rework.

Bad quality isn’t just for employees. Bad quality products and services turn off customers. They’ll abandon you and go to your competitors. Businesses aren’t immune to bad quality because they aren’t workers.

Quality Is an Expectation

People want to know what to expect from you. Great work quality gives them an expectation that you can handle bigger projects and assignments. People rate your future performance on your current performance; and, when you do quality work in your current position, it opens up the doors for future promotional opportunities.

Hopefully these three reasons give you encouragement to improve your quality or work to increase your quality of opportunities.

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