3 Reasons You Should Try LinkedIn Stories

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Trust me I know that you are wary and apprehensive about LinkedIn stories. You are seeking refuge from Facebook and Instagram. I get it. However, you should still give LinkedIn stories a try. These are my 3 reasons why.


Expand your reach

LinkedIn has added stories because it has seen how responsive others are to Facebook and Instagram stories. Many more people watch stories over coming to your feed. Remember, those very same people who are on Facebook and Instagram probably have LinkedIn accounts too. However, LinkedIn is the business social media so upload business and brand-related information regarding yourself.

I also think that if you want to curate (aka design) LinkedIn stories related graphics, they have the same dimensions as Facebook and Instagram stories. If you are using www.canva.com (and why would you NOT be?!) then you can select the Instagram Story design template and create your own LinkedIn story photo.


Promote your competitive advantage

The definition of competitive advantage is something that you do better than anyone else. I want you to translate your competitive advantage onto LinkedIn stories. You are already doing it on LinkedIn. Maybe you even use a LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn Pulse or LinkedIn Live. You have more than enough experience to overcome this hump to upload it onto LinkedIn stories.

Keep people informed about your current events

You already have a following. Why not keep them informed about what’s going on? LinkedIn stories would be great for promoting your event, speaking engagement, LinkedIn Pulse article or LinkedIn Live broadcast. You are already promoting these events on your LinkedIn feed. Promoting them on LinkedIn stories would be an extra way of reaching the right people.

These are my 3 reasons to use LinkedIn stories. Hopefully this article will help you better understand how to make LinkedIn stories work for you.

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