3 Steps to Bounce Back After a Blog Break

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You are religiously and consistently tapping on your laptop churning out content to your readers. They can count on your like clockwork to deliver the absolutely best that you have to offer week in and week out. And, then silence. You’ve taken a break to refresh and recalibrate.

Your readers are scrambling! They are commenting asking about new blog articles and where you’ve been. You’ve run through all of your backup blog posts that you’ve batched from a few weeks ago; and, now you have nothing new to offer your readers. You are officially out of content and off of the grid. Although you are taking time for yourself, you are now ready to return.

What do you do? You don’t want to come off of as nonchalant like they are waiting for you because that’s not what your blog break is about. You also don’t want to just start posting again acting as if nothing has happened because there is a noticeable gap in posting content. You have to address. So back to what do you do?


I have a plan because it has happened to me. I have addressed it on my blog. Here are my 3 steps to bounce back after a blog break.


Be upfront about your absence. Your audience deserves this. In this step it is important to set readers’ expectations. Now when I mean be upfront, you don’t have to tell the inner most details about it (i.e. surgery, death in the family, etc.). If that is the case, just say that you’ve taken some personal time to recalibrate and leave it at that.

Next give readers a timetable about the frequency you will be posting in the future. If you are returning but posting less, then your readers need to know.


Now that you’ve laid out a timetable, stick to it! Be consistent now that you have returned. Readers want to know that you are truly. When I took my break, I gave my explain and kept consistently posting content. It took a couple of weeks for my numbers to return, but, that’s why consistency was essential. I was diligent about providing blogs, videos and photography. My readers saw me consistently posting and returned.


People don’t want crap! They’ve waited a long time for your return. When you return you better deliver! They want the same level, if not higher quality content than before your absence. Give them your best. They deserve it.

Explaining your absence, consistency adhering to a timetable and delivering the same quality content are my three steps towards bouncing back after a blog break.

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17 Responses

  1. Tami Nieto

    I like this. I have many periods of time where I’m just at a low personal point and feel that I cannot provide valuable information to my readers (all ten of them it seems like sometimes), so I simply tell them so…Basically I just let them know that I’ll be posting when I can, but I’m having trouble finding valuable content, so they know where I am and why I just vanished. While I”m on my break I focus on writing and ways to rebuild my mind and refresh so that I’m not just running around in circles. It doesn’t help I’m providing content for six (at last count) blogs with completely different topics. Thank you for the valuable information! I appreciate you and many others who provide such useful information…I look up to you.

    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks for reading. Six blogs is a lot of content to manage. I have had a rough start to this New Year and my blog suffered; but, I am rebounding this February. I am very happy that this article provides inspiration and encouragement. We bloggers do need to take breaks every once in a while to recalibrate.

  2. Dionne

    This is helpful.

    I haven’t taken a break yet since I’m new to blogging but I anticipate I will need to st some point. Knowing how to navigate that is helpful


  3. Katisha @ Reel Literature

    This is really great advice! Luckily, I’ve just started blogging, and I haven’t had to take an extended hiatus yet. I will definitely keep these tips in mind if that time ever comes.

    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks for commenting. Good luck on your blog. You are in the right place with Black Bloggers United group.

  4. Kristin

    Thanks for sharing! I’m about to be on a blog hiatus and need to prepare for returning better than ever.

    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks for reading Kristin. I am glad that my article can help you plan for your upcoming blogging hiatus.

  5. Nonso Nwagbo

    Thanks Carlar. I just took a break and came back after a couple of weeks. I wish I had seen your article earlier, my reponse would have been better.

    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks for reading. You can always plug in these tips and rebound.

    • carlarjenkins

      Taking a break is good for anyone. Bloggers are human. This is my article on how to bounce back. Thanks for having me at the Bloggers Pit Stop.

  6. Teeara

    So true it’s okay to take a break but communication is key and when you communicate that with your audience they will be more understanding

  7. Tisha

    Such great tips! I’ve noticed that many bloggers (myself included) forget that they owe an explanation of some sort! Great post! Thanks for sharing!


    I haven’t taken a break yet, but should I take one, then this tips will be of great important to me. Thanks.

    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks for reading! I have written this article specifically to help those who are deciding on taking a break or who wants to return stronger than ever.