3 Ways to Prepare Your Store for the Holidays

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Sellers have a love/hate relationship with the phrase holiday sale. They love the extra shoppers and money but hate planning for and converting that deluge into sales. Well, fear no because  here are my three ways to prepare your online store for a holiday sale.

Have a sales target

Remember this is a business. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. You have to know what you expect to make. Having a sales target accomplishes this.

Create a holiday-specific marketing campaign

Don’t be lazy by creating generic holiday marketing campaign! You cannot recycle holidays even when they are in the same season. Even though Memorial Day and Labor Day are both in the summertime, they are at different points in the season. What works for Memorial Day (the start of summer) does not work for Labor Day (the end of summer); and, vice versa.

Discount all out-of-season clothes and start introducing some of the in-season clothing

I have added introducing the next season’s clothing because it is often overlook; but, it is important. Holidays mean heavier traffic than normal with a lot of random non-customers. Well, this holiday sales weekend is your opportunity to convert them. Having select clothing for the upcoming season, gives your customers a sneak peek into what’s next for your store. Customers love behind the scenes. Showing the upcoming season also plays upon the whole fear of missing out (FOMO) emotion. If you don’t buy it now while it is not in-season, this item may not be around post-holiday sale when it is in season.

As an online seller is important to have a sales target, specific target marketing campaign and a seamless seasonal inventory strategy to adequately prepare your store for this upcoming holiday season.

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