3 Ways to Use Livestream to Land a Job

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Many people are trying to discover new ways to differentiate themselves from their competition to land new jobs. I recommend considering video and livestreaming because they are great ways to land you a job. Most people think that livestreaming is the future. Wrong! Livestreaming is the present. Here are my three ways to use livestream to land a job.


Use it to showcase your expertise – Showcase your knowledge to everyone on livestream. Believe me. There is more than enough noise and people rambling on and on about nothing. Use livestream to your advantage by showcasing your expertise.

Show you communication and presentation skills – Livestreaming offers you an opportunity to display your speaking and presentation skills. Get hired is about cultural fit. If you can articulate your point and look polished and professional, more employers will hire you.

24/7 marketing tool – Your livestream video is working while you are sleeping. Livestreaming is also free so why not jump on it.

In this hypercompetitive environment, you need every advantage in order to stand out and get the job. Here are three ways to use livestream to land it.

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