4 Reasons Why Microsoft Ending The Free Student Fundamentals Certs Are a Big Deal

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Microsoft has announced that it intends to end its free Microsoft Fundamentals certification promotion to eligible students in June 2023. If you are a student, here are 4 reasons why this is a big deal.


Students Don’t Have Money

They’re not industry professionals who can shell out $99 for a Microsoft Fundamentals certification. $99 goes very far for the average student.

Discourages Them From Learning Microsoft

The fundamentals certifications are the gateways towards learning about and obtaining other associate and expert level certifications. I obtained my Azure Fundamentals, Azure Data Fundamentals, and Azure AI Fundamentals before getting my Azure Administrator Associate. I only learned about the Azure Administrator Associate from getting my Azure Fundamentals certification.

If students did not learn about Microsoft they would be less likely to use Microsoft in the future. That would not bode well for the company.




Reduces Their Competitive Advantage In The Marketplace

Certifications separate you from other applicants. Students would graduate armed with a Microsoft certification on their resumes and potential employers for be more interested in them versus their competition.

Makes It Harder To Get Jobs

Job descriptions list AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals as a requirement. If students don’t have this certification, they would be disqualified for a job.

These 4 reasons why if you’re an eligible student that you should go the Student Hub and immediately start studying and getting these Microsoft Fundamentals certification before June 2023.


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