4 Ways to Social Media Success

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Everyone is on social media but very few are successful. And, if they are that success is confined to one platform. I have am not one of them. I have received over 1,000 followers on multiple social media platforms. Now I want to share my knowledge with you, the reader.

Have a specific social media strategy for each platform.

Generic doesn’t work. I have used LinkedIn’s direct video upload and LinkedIn Pulse to increase my profile. I use LinkedIn’s specific feature. This means everything that I say is specific to that platform. As appealing as dropping the Facebook Live or YouTube link or your blog link, LinkedIn doesn’t prioritize this. LinkedIn’s culture is different from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You get the point

Be genuine

Authenticity is prized. For me, I landed on LinkedIn Pulse promising no fluff and to always write about how to avoid certain situations. Be you because everyone else is taken.

Devote Time to Engage

As much as I love HootSuite, I do get on social media and type posts. I respond to comments because people are taking time out of their lives to read and react.

Create a Content Calendar

Having a content calendar creates consistency. I have to string together some cohesiveness. However, don’t feel constricted by your content calendar. You can update it at any time.

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