4 Ways The Perigirls Heart Tribes Have Helped Me

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Being in the Perigirls Heart Tribes community is a great opportunity for me and stretched my skills in many ways. I spent 1 week in the Waiting Room training session. Yes, I admit that daily livestreaming was initially hard but I wasn’t accustomed to doing it; but, after a couple of days, I got used to it.

Now I am officially in the Heart Tribes community where I am livestreaming a whole lot easier this week. I am big about providing my lessons learned. Below are four things that I learned while in the Waiting Room.

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Time management

I had to dedicate time towards scoping.

Content Creation

I had to come up with new topics every day. Initially it was challenging but I viewed this as an opportunity to deliver meaningful content.


Daily scoping takes commitment. I have to be dedicated towards showing up. This transferable skill has helped me in blogging, IGTV channel and my job search. Showing up every day is yielding benefits because I am becoming more visible especially on IGTV.


When I am doing daily livestreaming, it becomes a priority. This means that I have shift some things around in order to focus on it. During this time, I have discovered what was important at that moment.

Participating in the Heart Tribes Waiting Room has improved my prioritization, commitment, content creation and time management skills. Check out the Perigirls Heart Tribes at www.hearttribes.com.

Follow me on Periscope at www.periscope.tv/carlarjenkins

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