5 Big Things That Happened This September!

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September 2021 has been one of my best months this year! There were so many pleasant and unexpected changes that I welcomed. Here were my top 5 below

Formally Accepted Into George Washington University Advisory Panel

I was accepted into the program on August 31, 2021. I was formally seated this September. Receiving an advisory council seat was ‘Big Girl’ stuff. There were many advanced degree professionals but being on the board of a high-profile university. I may do a quarterly blog post documenting my tenure. I am just very happy to receive acknowledgement.


Secured Free SAFe Product Owner Product Manager Certification Training

I have held this in for over one week but I am happy to announce in my Week in Review that I have secured a free October scaled agile framework (SAFe) Product Manager certification training. This would be my second SAFe certification.

As a project professional, I have always made sure that I am in multiple lifecycles. I am Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM). Now with scrum I am also SAFe Scrum Master. You have to be flexible as a project manager.

I am proud at my progress. April 2021 I did not know anything about SAFe until I did my field interview where that lady was talking about companies merged business analyst with product owner and scrum master with product owner and, lean management and project management. Once I learned she was talking about SAFe, I self-financed my SAFe Scrum Master certification on Memorial Day 2021. In June, I got my Certified Scrum Product Owner. .

I feel that receiving this second product owner product manager certification is coming full circle.

Carlarjenkins.com Soaring Up Alexa Internet Global Site Ranking

Hey everybody! I would like to thank all of you for taking time out of your busy day to read www.carlarjenkins.com. This September my Alexa Internet global site ranking peaked at 160,000! This is huge for a solo blogger. What I will say is that numbers don’t lie because I am receiving more opportunities from around the world based on this blog!

Receiving A Tech Speaking Opportunity

This opportunity came out of nowhere. A Python women’s meetup group from Africa emailed me about speaking with them. I am thankful that I have linked my Facebook Messenger widget onto my website because I have also received my message in my Facebook business inbox.

This just shows you why having your own website is essential towards people finding you! I am open to IT, cloud and project management speaking opportunities. Connect with me here.

Completed Cloud Contract

Last but not least, September was successful because I closed my cloud computing contract. It was great to help students learn more about Azure. As an 100 Days of Cloud mainstay, I use this blog and videos to teach others. I am open to helping your company manage its cloud resources. Connect with me here 

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