5 Lessons Learned From Day 300 of 100 Days of Cloud

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Saturday, May 1, 2021, I celebrated Day 300 of 100 Days of Cloud. This article is all about the these 5 lessons learned from this milestone.


This is all about commitment

Committing 100 days to something is a long-term commitment. You are dedicating over 3 months towards something.

When I started July 5, 2020, I already had 2 AWS certifications. I just wanted to be multi-cloud and dedicate 100 days towards something. I meant why not? We were in the middle of a global pandemic. Might as well did something productive with my time.

This is a marathon not a sprint

Don’t beat yourself up over seeing others getting jobs and certifications at a faster pace than you. 100 Days of Cloud is all about learning and progressing at your pace. Think of it this way: an employer does not care if you received 1 or 5 certifications during your 100-day period. It only cares that you have more than when you started.

Don’t beat yourself up over one bad day. During this third 100-day cycle, I had a family emergency. I spent 60-75 days on this. However, I managed to pass my AZ-104 Azure Administrator and SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals certification exams. Had I not remember that this 100 Days of Cloud is a marathon and not a sprint.

Networking is key

There are some many people you meet while participating in 100 Days of Cloud. When I first started in July 2020, I already had two Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications but I wanted to be multi-cloud. For those who didn’t know what multi-cloud was it was learning more than one cloud computing vendor. As of May 2021, I knew AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Even though AWS was (and still is) the market leader, I knew that I wanted to learn Azure. 100 Days of Cloud helped me get the best course, practice tests and YouTube channels to earn my certifications. I learned about the monthly Cloud Skills Challenges through networking through Twitter (Follow me here www.twitter.com/carlarjenkins )



Economies of scale (cost savings) will start kicking in

Networking leads to economies of scale. I have saved so much money earning my Azure certifications. Except for Azure Fundamentals, I never paid any money to sit for my Azure Data Fundamentals, Azure AI Fundamentals, Azure Administrator and Microsoft Security Fundamentals.

That’s why I promote the monthly Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenges. Completing these will give you free exam vouchers. I have managed to reskill my whole career trajectory through from these challenges.

I want the same for you reading this. I know that it is hard out there for so many people. You are either unemployed or underemployed. Participating in 100 Days of Cloud, allows you to acquire resources and save money along the way.

Keep your resume current.

Though it’s nice to tell the social media world and your blog that you are winning all of these hackathons and challenges but you need to put all of these accomplishments on your resume. Whenever I pass my certification exam, I update my resume. Yes, companies Google you but your resume is the only thing that has all of your achievements in one place.

You would be amazed how much participating in the 100 Days of Cloud boosts your resume. The kinds of people, jobs and offers I receive over each 100-day cycle have been more tailored towards my skillset because the companies are watching (And someone is always watching you!).

But wait! There’s more!

                LinkedIn is your friend! I know, I know that Git, Github, Dev.to are the go-to IT places. However, LinkedIn is the business social media. LinkedIn is THE place where employers will find you.

You can upload your resume and certifications in the featured section so that companies can see everything about you. The featured section is great especially since as of May 2021, LinkedIn does not update your followers when you add a new certification.

You can also put keywords in your biography and summary. Make it easy for companies to find cloud computing talent. Don’t steer clear of LinkedIn just because it is not a tech site. LinkedIn will be the place where you get noticed and get to network with other like-minded cloud professionals.

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