5 Lessons Learned From Passing My AZ-700 Exam

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I’ve passed my AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate beta exam.  Here are my 5 lessons learned to help you if you’re pursuing this certification.


This Is One of The Hardest Azure Associate Exams

This was by far the hardest associate exam I ever took. Much harder than AZ-104 and AI-100. Whew! I was happy that I passed it though.

Better Know Your Networking Basics

I took the Cloudskills.io July exam prep course where Tim Warner advised to take the CompTIA Network+ if you are light on networking. I would recommend this too because it is an associate not a fundamentals exam. You must be well-versed on networking before even thinking about sitting for this one.

Take The AZ-104 And AZ-500 First

AZ-104 is the Azure Administrator exam. As an administrator, you would learn about most of the Azure products and services. You’ll also learn about IAM, group policy, whether or not to assign privilege at a specific level. AZ-500 is the Azure Security Technologies exam. As a security engineer, you learn about the different app security, information security, and network security protocols offered by Azure. These two exams would provide you with the network security and network administration background to the pass the AZ-700.


Know Your Azure Networking

You also need to know all of Azure’s networking products. You need to know Virtual WAN, the 4 types of load balancers, app security group, network security group, network security groups, point-to-site VPN, site-to-site VPN, ExpressRoute, App service plan and virtual networks.

Tip – there are 4 types of load balancers

  • Load balancer
  • App gateway
  • Traffic manager
  • Front Door

Have a Post-Certification Plan

I’ve had a post-certification plan of how I would use my AZ-700 certification afterward. This is positive motivation that I’ll pass but also it lets me apply what I’ve learned. My two goals are becoming a certified cloud engineer and improving my network infrastructure skills. I would say mission accomplished.

These are my 5 lessons learned from passing my AZ-700 exam. Hopefully, they can help you on your way if you so decide to sit for this exam. Good luck!


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