5 Lessons Learned From Passing My Oracle Foundations Associate Exam

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I passed my Oracle Foundations Associate exam September 14, 2020. This I wanted to write this lessons learned to help others pursuing their Oracle Cloud certifications and/or becoming multi-cloud by learning another cloud computing vendor language.

Oracle Cloud Integrates with Azure

This was surprising because that cloud integration was not a feature while I studied AWS and Azure. It was neat to know that having received my Azure Fundamentals certification.

That Bare Metal and Dedicated Means The Same Thing

Having been studying cloud computing for a while I saw bare metal pop up everything. However, only while studying Oracle have I learned that bare metal means dedicated.


There Is a Lot Of Overlap Between AWS Cloud Practitioner and Azure Fundamentals

The Oracle Foundations Associate is the entry level cloud certification. It is similar to the Cloud Practitioner and Azure Fundamentals. If you have passed either one of them, you should have a lot of transferable cloud computing skills to do well on this exam.

Starting with AWS Makes Learning Oracle Easier

AWS has hundreds of services (over 150 services at the time of this publication). Oracle does not. Having received two AWS certifications, studying to pass my Oracle Foundations Associate is so much easier because there are less services.

There Is Demand for Oracle Cloud

Oracle is nowhere the cloud behemoth, AWS, or Azure but there are companies using Oracle Cloud such as Cleveland Clinic and Sherwin-Williams. Furthermore, my passing my exam has qualified me for more opportunities because several companies are running on Oracle cloud.

I hope these 5 lessons learned will help you in your cloud journey! If you need help with cloud economics (total cost of ownership), cloud analytics and architecture, get in touch with me at https://carlarjenkins.com/contact/ Thanks for reading!

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