5 Lessons Learned From Receiving 1000 LinkedIn Newsletter Subscribers

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I published my first issue of Career Trajectory LinkedIn newsletter on March 9, 2022. In less than 1 week I received over 1000 subscribers. Here are my 5 lessons learned from receiving my first 1000 subscribers.


Let The People Know

I have notified my followers since December 2020. It is now March 2022. That is 4 months that people know that Career Trajectory is coming. I have even written a LinkedIn Pulse article telling my audience that my newsletter.

Look people are suffering from information overload. Every single day your typical LinkedIn connection receives hundreds of emails. You randomly dropping your LinkedIn newsletter invite into their notifications would be quickly dismissed as noise. I have dozens of unapproved newsletters invites because these people just randomly sent them.

Give The People Want They Want

My three foci are IT, cloud computing and project management. I stick to those three things because these are the three topics that I talk about. Do not switch up and confuse your audience by writing about something different.

Another thing that I do is ensure that my content is current. Career Trajectory is a weekly newsletter. I ensure that all of my content is new for that week. Do not regurgitate old content that is expired or irrelevant because you think doing a LinkedIn newsletter is somehow ‘good’ for your brand.

Do Your Research (Timing Is Everything!)

Career Trajectory comes out every Wednesday 12pm EDT because research shows that these are the best times to release content. LinkedIn newsletter is an extension of LinkedIn. There is significant LinkedIn social media research detailing the best times. Do not be random with your newsletter (full disclosure: one LinkedIn newsletter I subscribe to drops at 11:45pm EDT. I do not understand WHY someone would pick that time when even with the mass adoption of remote work, we are still a 9-5 society when it comes to working).

Ask For The Business (Subscribers)

LinkedIn is the business social media. That means that your reader expects to be pitched it. It is not offensive that you are promoting your newsletter and asking your reader to subscribe and do business with you. Asking for the business is the only way to gain subscribers. Speaking of subscribers, kindly sub to Career Trajectory if you have not already.

Be Appreciative.

Be kind and appreciative to your readers. They are taking time out of their busy lives and overflowing inboxes to read your newsletter. Whenever I reach a milestone, I shoot a thank you video as my token of my appreciation. You can do the same.

Here are my 5 lessons learned. Here’s hoping that these lessons help you craft a better LinkedIn newsletter and reading experience. Also subscribe to Career Trajectory at www.careertrajectory.email

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