5 Lessons Learned From Twitter Write Shutting Down Revue Newsletter

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Twitter Write (formerly Revue) shut down January 18, 2023. I wrote 70 issues of Curated by Carla every week. It took me a while to write this because I dedicated 70 weeks towards IT, cloud and project management. Now it was all gone and there is a void that I have not created. Ugh!


Ever the project manager, here are some lessons learned:

Happy that I’ve kept my ConvertKit email list because it’s not shutting down

Yes, Revue started out as its own independent email marketing company but once acquired by Twitter, it became a feature. Keeping ConvertKit was a great thing because I did not have to start over.

I’m proud to dedicate 70 weeks towards something.

I diligently put out a weekly newsletter every Friday. Regardless of how I felt or what was going on, Curated by Carla came out. Publishing Curated by Carla seeped over into my professional life. I managed to complete tasks regardless of how I felt.

Curated by Carla laid the foundation for Career Trajectory

I started Curated by Carla in 2021. I created Career Trajectory LinkedIn newsletter in 2022. Publishing Curated by Carla gave me insight on how to publish a newsletter connected to a social medium. Curated by Carla also provided me with the time management and editorial to write Career Trajectory. Even though Curated by Carla was gone, if you’re on LinkedIn, you could still subscribe to Career Trajectory. It came out every Wednesday from 12pm-1pm Eastern time.

It kept me current in my industry.

Curated by Carla focused on IT, cloud computing and project management. Every week I had to come up with 5-7 articles. The newsletter forced me to be on top of all current events. Newsletter writing was a dynamic learning process. I had to constantly be in the know as well as forecast what would be next.

How I Spent My Time

Curated by Carla took hours of my time. Now that it is gone, I see how my time is spent on Friday. I have managed to churn out 70 issues. That means that I can apply these transferable skills towards anything else I want to accomplish because I am good with the usage of my time.

As I’ve mentioned, Curated by Carla may be gone but if you’re on LinkedIn, feel free to subscribe to my weekly Career Trajectory LinkedIn newsletter.


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