5 Lessons that I’ve Learned in My First 45 Days Back in Cleveland

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I have returned back to my hometown Cleveland this September 1st from being in DC for 12 years. It has been an experience.


Here are the 5 lessons that I’ve learned in my first 45 days back in Cleveland.

Speak Up

I am an analytic person who normally speaks through written reports. However, upon returning home, I have to reestablish myself which means speaking to as many people as possible. This also means picking up the phone and calling recruiters for openings.

Show Up

I am a techie so I am very on the Internet; however, since some of these businesses and recruiters don’t know me, I have to show up and press the flesh. I am thankful that upon returning this September that my alma mater, Cleveland State University, held its fall career fair allowing me to boost my profile in one spot.


Cleveland Has Changed

Having been gone for 12 years, Cleveland has changed. I am particularly happy that my hometown has embraced mixed reality (augmented reality and virtual reality). I love technology and have found it a great place to start rebuilding my professional network.

I Have Changed

In 2006, I had two degrees. 12 years later, I have three certifications, senior rank and several $100,000 jobs. I can command more money because I have more skills.

Video Is Undeniable

When people say that video is the #1 converter they aren’t lying. I have been on livestream and created standalone video communicating my return to Cleveland. That’s how my Facebook friends, LinkedIn colleagues and everyone knew that I returned.

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Video also helped me job search. I’d people contact me on LinkedIn remarking about my videos. Video is a great lead generator.

I am back in Cleveland and ready to do business. I can work as a W2 (employee), 1099 (independent contractor) and Corp 2 Corp (business to business). Contact me at info@carlarjenkins.com and www.carlarjenkins.com/contact


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