5 Reasons I Sit For Beta Exams

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Hey there everyone! As you know, I am a very big advocate of taking beta exams. For those who don’t know what a beta exam, a beta exam is a final test of questions administered during a short time period. There is usually a small group of people who take the beta exam to evaluate the rigidity of the skills measured.


There are 5 reasons why I love sitting for beta exams. Here they are below:

  • Time is of the essence – Time is the one commodity that once spent you don’t have any more of. Beta exams and score come out before general availability. Yes, there is at least an 8-12 week lag between the beta exam period and the rescores but I could be doing something entirely different in this time period.
  • First mover advantage – Being the first to do anything is a competitive advantage. Regarding the SC-100, I would be the first Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert. This is big distinction that I would have over others. Case in point with my AZ-700 as an example: I took the beta exam in summer 2021 and received my certification in October 2021. Till this day, I am reaping the benefits of receiving it first.
  • Beta exams show how much I truly know – there aren’t as many exam prep resources. You must rely on Microsoft documentation and your skillset. Thus far, I have only failed 1 beta exam. That is a pretty record.
  • Continuous learning – I also want to learn what’s new. Beta exams help me with that. In tech, you must always be improving and learning something new.
  • Enhances My Competitive Advantage – Certification quantifies what you know. It removes objections and questions. Returning back to my AZ-700 example, it is one thing to say that you know cloud networking. Certification removes that doubt especially the AZ-700 which is the hardest Azure associate exam that I have ever taken.

Hopefully these 5 reasons will help you consider taking future beta exams. Thanks for reading!

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