5 Reasons To Add Steps in Your Process

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Having a process is great because it creates stability, takes all of the work (and rework) out of things and gives you better results. I have already documented reasons why processes are great. how, you go about making sure that you have the right process? Well, I am glad that you’ve asked. Here are 5 reasons to add steps to your process.


To better track results.

Breaking down your overall process into steps makes it easier to track your results. You need to know if your process is working or not because the process’ goal is to do less work not more.

You cannot manage what you don’t measure.

You need to know if your process is working or not. Adding steps give you a point where you can check to see what is working. Don’t go through the entire process without checking to see if it is working.

Get buy-in from people.

Adding steps let people see the entire process is phases. When you add steps, they break it down into smaller pieces making it easier for people to understand. When people understand, they buy into your process.

Process reliability.

A reliable process is a stable one. Remember, you need to create a reliable process to take the work out it. You are already swamped with work in your personal and professional lives. Why add more work? Adding steps to your process increases reliability.

Easier to sustain momentum.

I likened steps to gears on a bike. Each gear has a different speed. The steps are gears. Adding steps to your process will increase the speed of your process working. These steps will also sustain the momentum. Like a bike gear, you go at the same speed until you shift gear – or – in this case change how many steps you want to add to your process.

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