5 Reasons to Add Steps to Your Plan

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Planning is essential but you need teeth to your plan. I have written about its importance here. That’s why you need to add steps to your plan to guide you along your journey to your destination.


Here are my 5 reasons why you need steps in your plan.

Steps give you clarity on what to focus on right now.

Steps let you take the first step. Steps let you know what to do in sequential order. Creating a lock-step plan increases the chance that your plan will be successful.

Steps make your plan more manageable.

What’s easier? Doing 1 thing for 10 hours or 5 things at 2 hours apiece? It is easier to focus on 1 thing for 2 hours versus 10 hours. Incorporating steps into your plan will help you better manage your plan’s success.

Steps Eliminate Your Getting Overwhelmed

We humans can only take so much before we quit due to sensory overload. Take college as an example. 4 years is divided into 8 semesters. Semesters are steps. Steps let you focus on one particular thing instead of the whole plan.

Build confidence.

As a human being, you need to feel good about what you’re undertaking. On the outset, you feel unsure about if you can actually do this and complete your plan. By adding steps into your plan, you are building up confidence. When you complete each step, you’ll start seeing the progress that you’re making.

Build momentum.

Steps are like dominoes; and, you know the power of the domino effect. Dominoes individually aren’t very powerful; but, line them in front of each other and knock down the first one and all of a sudden you get this powerful force that is unstoppable. Steps are the same way. When you first step, you feel like you aren’t doing much, but keep completing these steps and all of a sudden you gain momentum and nothing can stop you.

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Carla R Jenkins is a certified project manager, scrum master and ITIL v3 professional with over a decade’s worth of experience. She has worked in both the private and public sectors successfully completing projects and programs on time, within scope and under budget. She possesses an MBA and a BA in International Economics. To work with me, visit www.carlarjenkins.com/bookasession


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