5 Reasons To Be on LinkedIn Right Now

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Even though you still have a job and your business is still running fine,

here are 5 reasons why LinkedIn still is the place for you.





  1. To Get Insider Information Pertaining to Your Industry


You must know which way the wind is blowing everyone. LinkedIn is perfect for that because it has members from all across the world. Let me give you my own personal example.


Earlier this February, several PMPs were commenting about how coronavirus were closing their testing centers. Even though these closures were in Kuwait, Turkey and the Middle East, coronavirus slowly made its way here to the US.


Why is this example important everyone? Because I was not caught off guard when Pearson closed all of the US testing centers in March.  LinkedIn is a great way towards reading the tea leaves just in case you need to reposition yourself.


  1. Network with Others for New Opportunities


There are so many different positions, you are bound to find several like-minded individuals whom you can bond and learn from on LinkedIn. Even during this challenging time, people are still making connections. And even due to a series of unfortunate events everyone, you can probably find some new people looking for the right opportunity. Join them everyone.


  1. People Are Still Ready to Buy and Hire


LinkedIn is not as reliant on selling ads as Facebook and Instagram are so Commerce has not stopped here. People are still buying and companies are still hiring. LinkedIn even has which companies are hiring on its top banner.


  1. It’s the Business Social Media


LinkedIn is where the businessmen congregate. It is more corporate, polished and professional than Facebook or Twitter. Looking to work for a specific Fortune 500 company? It has a LinkedIn profile. Wanting to meet people within your industry? There is probably a LinkedIn group. Even if you are a member of a professional organization


  1. Position Yourself As An Expert

As I’ve mentioned before in #4, that LinkedIn is the business social media. This platform is also a perfect place to position yourself as an expert.

Right now with uncertainty at an all-time high, your professional expertise can help calm other readers. You may have a unique way of solving your industry’s problem. LinkedIn Pulse, the blogging platform, is a perfect way towards amplifying it. Or you can upload videos directly (natively) to the platform.

I have shown you 5 reasons why LinkedIn is still worth your time regardless of if you’re employed or your business is running. See you later on LinkedIn!

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