5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing for Your Job Search

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Video is everywhere: TV, social media, smart phone, Netflix, Hulu, everywhere. Advertisers use it to convince you that you need to buy their products. So why not use the same video strategy for your job search?


 Here are the 5 reasons to use video marketing for your job search

Video has the highest converting medium

Video converts (think: sales, emails, responses, etc.) better than audio (podcasts), written (blogging) and images (photos). Why not use the highest converting medium to work for you and your job search?

Video is more personable.

You see the person in the flesh. You also see the person as more courageous for getting in front of the camera. You can hide behind audio, writing and – to a certain extent – photos. Photos are static, video is dynamic. Video is also what you really look like and not a glamour shot.


You can showcase your hard skills.

You can showcase your work proficiency (chemist, project management, sports, etc.) via video. See yourself as a teacher with your potential employers as a group of students eager to learn from you. Video will help you become the best choice.

You can showcase your soft skills

Soft skills are the reason why people keep their jobs. In an increasingly global world, your ability to speak and interact well are critical factors. Video provides you with an opportunity to display your soft skills. In addition, video also shows your non-verbal skills which are just as powerful if not more powerful than verbal skills.

Make you more memorable.

Video makes you more memorable. It makes you stand out enhancing your personal branding. You want to get that job search then you must stand out from the others; and, video is the best way to do it.

Here are 5 reasons to use video marketing for your job search. You are a star. Let everyone knows with video!

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