5 Reasons While an Updated Resume Still Works In An Automated World

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We live in an automated world where everything has an algorithm. This is especially true with your job search. These HR systems’ algorithm peels away buzzwords and phrases to put certain resumes on top. Even with the prevalence of automation in hiring, there are still reasons why you still have an updated resume as a part of your job search.

Applicant tracking systems have formatting issues.

The computer systems don’t always transfer MS Word well. They sometimes can transfer the rich text format into ACSII code.

It won’t capture everything

There are certain things that an agnostic HR system does not capture. I had a phone interview and the interviewer said that I wasn’t initially considered because the system didn’t show my two certifications. I told her that I did have them and submitted my resume. The system has an algorithm and it doesn’t capture everything.



You have control over what you want to present

When you write your resume, you control what’s in it.  An updated resume is the cornerstone of your professional image. It is all about how you look on paper. That’s recruiters first impression. An updated resume lets you have a great first impression.

Recruiters still request them even when your profile is in the system

Even recruiters know that their HR systems don’t format right. Also when dealing with consulting and third-party clients, recruiters cannot take what’s in their systems and send it to them. A MS Word resume is an industry standard.

You look professional

Bottom-line having an updated resume makes you look professional. You would be amazed at the number of people who either don’t have a resume or who’s resumes are severely outdated.

Computers don’t catch everything. You do. Having an updated resume is still critical towards landing your best job.

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