5 Reasons Why Consistency Matters

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No matter how talented you are, consistency matters. How you show up and deliver can mean the difference from being the opening act versus the main act. Here are the 5 reasons why consistency matters.


People can rely on you

In this day and age, reliability is hard to come by. Being consistent means that people can find you at a specific time and place. For instance, if you are a plumber, people rely on you to unclog their drains. If you are a refrigerator delivery man, people rely on you to deliver their appliance on time. I am a project manager. People rely on me to deliver a project/service on time, within scope and under budget.

Breeds a great reputation

Once people can rely upon you, your reputation will soar. People with great reputation are consistent and dependable.

Seen As an Expert

Think for one moment who is the expert in your respective field. Consistency is the one commonality. They are always consistent in their thoughts and actions. If you want to be an expert in anything, you must be consistent.

Accelerate The Know, Like and Trust Factor

People only do business and hire people whom they know, like and trust. Consistency accelerates the know, like and trust factor because you are reliable, have a great reputation and seen as an expert.

Comfortable in hiring/buying from you

When you’re reliable with a great reputation, seen as an expert and have accelerated the know, like and trust factor, people become more comfortable in hiring and doing business. Consistency not only gets you the job and the business. Consistency keeps you employed and in business.

These are 5 reasons why consistency matters.


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