5 Reasons Why FB Creator Studio Now Lets You Upload IG and IGTV Videos from Desktop Is a Game Changer

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Everything Is In One Place.

You can access everything in one place. Besides Facebook does own Instagram so all three dashboards should be in one place. Think of Facebook Creator Studio as one big command center where you can control and upload Instagram (IG) and Instagram TV (IGTV) videos natively from your desktop.

Businesses Still Use Desktops and Laptops

We read on mobile but create on desktop. Yes, we are now a mobile-first society but we still shoot most of our content on laptops. Facebook and Instagram are big business. Movie studios use Instagram and shot film containing lots of pixels. Moreover, film editing software has more features on desktops over the mobile app.

Moreover, Facebook Creator Studio keeps the metrics for both Facebook and Instagram so you can track all of your videos’ performances regardless of the platform.


Facebook Is Elevating IGTV

Instagram TV (IGTV) has been around since June 2018. It was originally vertical video only but changed to horizontal video in 2019. You can also now share an IGTV preview onto your Instagram feed and your Facebook page/profile. These changes increases IGTV’s adoption.

Facebook wants to elevate IGTV and increase its usage. You can only put 1-minute videos on your IG feed. IGTV lets you post videos lasting 15 seconds until 10 minutes.

Saves Money By Not Purchasing Third Party Tools

This is a good thing as far as the user is concerned. You won’t have to shell out money to third-party apps that allow you share your desktop videos onto Instagram.

Easier Workflow and Collaboration

No  man (or business) is an island. People work with others. We share ideas and files. Downloading videos from an email then uploading them onto your desktop without the hassle of transferred them to your mobile phone makes workflow management so much easier.

This Facebook Creator Studio update is one of the biggest game changers this year. You cannot underestimate the magnitude of this!

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